COMMUNITY GENERATION is a nonprofit organisation bringing clean and safe drinking water and sanitation to rural Cambodian communities. We believe every human on the planet has the right to access clean water and we’re committed to creating positive and sustainable change within Cambodia.


Cambodia, officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia, has a population of approximately 15.95 million people, with 80% living in rural areas – many in extreme poverty. More than half of the population is under the age of 24 years and over 1,000 children die each year from diarrheal diseases from dirty water sources.

More than 5 million rural Cambodians are without access to safe and clean drinking water and over 9 million are without sanitation. The average annual income per capita is $950 USD, often significantly lower in rural areas. Most of Cambodia’s available ground water, surface water and open wells are contaminated with human waste, animal waste, industrial runoff and contaminants such as E. coli bacteria, arsenic and hepatitis A.


lack access to sanitation


life expectancy 


We work with our local partner to help rural Cambodians gain access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education. We fund, build and install community and household BioSand water filters in schools and homes, which we pair with our long-term sanitation and hygiene Health Programs, training and resources.

Our BioSand filters are constructed from gravel, sand and a biological layer to remove over 99% of harmful disease-causing bacteria from dirty water poured through it. They’re an effective, easily-maintained, low-cost solution, that don’t depend on power. Families, schools and community members donate time to help build their BioSand filter and contribute a small amount of money towards their project, which creates a sense of ownership, knowledge and investment. Our holistic approach means we also excavate large ponds for rainwater catchment, build handwashing stations, dig wells, build latrines and provide ongoing training, monitoring and evaluation.


No donation is too big or too small. Just know that every dollar donated online through our monthly giving program, Bucket List and our Donate Now page goes directly to building clean water projects in Cambodia.

We are guided by our 100% promise to send 100% of every online donation to the field. Our private giving partners and campaigns help fund our operating costs so that all online donations can go directly to bringing clean water to rural Cambodian communities.


We work with our local partner in Cambodia to build clean water projects.

Our registered, not-for-profit partner has been successfully building clean and safe water projects in Cambodia since 1999. We strongly believe in using and supporting local knowledge and skills, local masons and local staff. Our local partners allow us to work closely with local authorities and community leaders. Each day, our local maintenance teams are working hard to ensure clean water flows for years to come.


Each time we complete a project, we prove it.

We prove each project using a combination of photos, video footage, social media posts and GPS coordinates. We report back to our donors and community with inspirational information about the actual people and communities their money and belief helps.

You can find our project highlights and information by visiting the OUR PROJECTS and PHOTOS AND VIDEO links on our website and on social media.