The Basics

Solving the global water crisis is something talented Australian musicians The Basics (Tim Heath, Kris Schroeder & Wally De Backer) care deeply about too. This accomplished trio has contributed to and transformed the Australian pop culture scene through their artistry, mellifluous songs and great Australian spirit. We are honoured that these giving, compassionate and committed musicians are our ambassadors.

“To be creatively helping people achieve a healthier and better living standard surely is one of life’s goals as an artist.”
– Tim Heath


Ian ‘Stevo’ Stevens

Ian Stevens springs from a family of three generations of plumbers. He began his apprenticeship at his father’s plumbing shop in Melbourne and 50-years later he is still on the tools after many years of running his hugely successful plumbing business. His knowledge, skill and passion for clean water and sanitation is a huge asset to Community Generation.

He’s always keen and ready to roll up his sleeves and help us innovate and kick goals in the field.

We’re pretty chuffed to have ‘Stevo’ on our team.